Location – Riviera Senj

Recommended activities of the location:

The climb from the place Gornja Klada to Zavižan on Velebit – to the fans of climbing and hiking, we recommend memorable ascent fromGornja Klada to Zavižan on Velebit. Under certain weather conditions, the peak Zavižan offersa view even to the Italian coast, which means more than 100 km. You can only imagine the kind of stunning photos you can capture with your camera.

hiker-velebit-croatiaA visit to the Northern Velebit National Park – because of its special geological and natural diversity, in 1999 this part of northern Velebit was declared a national park. Northern Velebit is an ideal destination for those who like active recreation in the natural untouched environment. More than 30 hiking trails are at Visitors’ disposal, which lead to different landscapes and provide numerous opportunities to discover this area. The most famous path of this national park is the Premužić path. There is also situateda botanical garden with more than 500 trees, Krasno sanctuary and village Kutarevo which is a haven of small and adult bears. Read more about the National Park Velebit.

A visit to the national park Paklenica location and remarkable geomorphological forms and magnificent forests are the basis of the declaration of this area as a national park. Paklenica is the best preserved and the largest forest complex in Dalmatia. Indigenous black pine forest, several types of beech forests and beautiful canyons with streams extend on 95 m2. An interesting information is that the name derives from the Paklenica black pine so called Paklina, which was used by the local population in folk medicinefor healing wounds. This is one of the proofs of healing properties of this area and its benefitial influence on human health. In Paklenica you can visit the traditional forestry house, Paklenica Mill, ethno house, the cave, or just hike and climb.

A visit to the national park Plitvice Lakes – the National Park Plitvice Lakes is situated in the mountainous part of Croatia, in the southern part of the chain of Mala Kapela and it belongs to the one of the most impressive karst units of the world. Specifics of flora and fauna, diversity of habitats, travertine, and cultural heritage are the reasons why tourists from all over the world come to visit this place. Read more about the National Park Plitvice Lakes.

Fishing – friendly locals will certainly reveal some fishing secret to you, while the rich offshore area and clear waters provide an excellent opportunity for the exercise of fishing skills and a healthy lunch.

fresh-steamed-clams-senj-kladaPreparation of local dishes with fresh ingredients that are brought to your doorstep. After already 7 days of eating fresh fruits and vegetables your immune system will be boosted and energy levels increased.

Sunbathing and swimming – when it comes to the pleasures offered by the sea and the sun, you can enjoy the private beach, or in some of two other sunny beaches in the place. Before antibiotics were invented, heliotherapy (therapy of the Sun) was the most effective method of of infections treatment. With a proven influence on hormonal balance, heart health and immunity, its effect on the human biorhythm and mood is the most important.

yoga-relaxationMeditation – meditation technique improves both physical and emotional health. It teaches us how to deal more easily with everyday stress and challenging situations. The scent of pine trees and the noise of the waves will help you to enter quickly and easily into your own world and deep awareness.

Painting – wonderful panorama, details of nature and picturesque layout will delight all lovers of painting. Maybe exactly the picture from holidays in Klada will decorate your home and always bring you back to the peace and tranquility of these moments.

Photography – as well as painters, photo enthusiasts will be delighted by the multitude of images that will be found in nature, details, people, food… Make magical nature photographies at their best edition.

Walking – modern men spend only 10% of their time in the fresh air, and it has been proven that just a short walk raises mental abilities, improves the mood and fulfills the whole bodywith energy. Walking provides ideal opportunities for outdoor exercise such as yoga or tai chi.


Riviera Senj

Senj is the largest urban agglomeration of Riviera Senj, located on the Croatian coast between Rijeka and Zadar, and it is located 23 kilometers north of Klada, along the Riviera Senj. This area is especially known for its windiness and bora, which is the strongest in the eastern part of the Adriatic.

Of the most important attractions in the city of Senj we recommend you the following:

Nehaj fortress –thanks to the uniqueness of the building technique and historic features, this fortress becamethe symbol of the town. Today it is used for renowned music and cultural events, conferences and other events. Read more about the fortress Nehaj.

Nehaj park –the centre of the park is the fortress Nehaj, a space stretching across 14 hectares of land, with more than 4 kilometers of the park with various facilities for all ages. A special experience is a walk at night with lighted paths and magnificent panoramic view of the Riviera. Read more about the Nehaj park.

The City museum –it is located in the palace of the Vukasović family, one of the most prominent families of Senj. The museum is open in July and August.

For other attractions, see the pages of Tourist board of Senj.

Of the many events in the town of Senj we would point out the following:

February: the carnival of Senj
July: the summer games of Senj, uskok days, fishing parties
August: fishing parties, International Summer Carnival in Senj, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary
December: a traditional Christmas concert by the City Music of Senj

For all the events and the exact dates of the area of Senja and Riviera Senj, see the pages of Tourist board of Senj and their calendar of events.