About us

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If you need a vacation and you are thrilled by the thought of escaping in the heart of nature, you are on the right place.Natura is a family holiday house with a natural beach and crystal clear sea water,there is also a zen corner located in the shade of pine trees close to the sea with a beautiful panoramic view and a car parking. The house is situated on the coast where the mountain Velebit meets the sea, in a small, friendly bay named Klada. Everything you need to get back your balance, you can find in this idyllic bay.

About us

For our family Klada is a lot more than a beautiful oasis of peace. The life of my parents and my whole childhood, including the present moment, are deeply weaved into every inch, every stone of our house. Since at the time of construction of the house there was no other approach the ground, except goat paths and the sea, all the building materials were delivered on donkeys or with a boat to the pier, and from there carried uphills on my father’s and family members backs to the construction place. The whole family was involved in various activities of construction, which created unity and closeness between all members of my family. Everybody worked hard, both adults and children, singing, laughing, sharing everything from food to sleeping places. This is one happy house built with a lot of love and unity, which provides a comfortable and safe haven not only in the summer, but also in the cold winter days and nights when the north wind from the Velebit mountain named Bora pinches cheeks, while the cracking of fire and heat of fresh made tea warm you up and snuggle you.The desire of me and my husband is to share with you a piece of this exceptional atmosphere, and that you return to your daily routine full of positive, renewed life energy after the stay in our house.

Yours sincerely,

Tatjana and Bojan Kopše