About the place Klada

As a part of the nature park Velebit, Klada is a real treasureof natural pearls of this climate. Wild, sanative herbs such as sage, rosemary, lavender, immortelle and myrtle enrichthe fresh air with its flavour, which is a combination of sharp mountain air and sea air of the coast. The healing potential of this area has been recognized by many members of the animal world. It is very common that while taking a walk in the bay you encounter a deer or fall asleep with a roaring deer who lovingly calls his beloved one. In the depth of the night, in the surrounding of Klada, even the others smaller members of the magnificent animal world go for a walk.
Residents and visitors of Klada are people who love nature and the simplicity which it brings. They have merged with its rhythms giving this small place a clear note of harmony and relaxation, making it an ideal refuge from the hectic urban life.

For whom is Klada ideal destination?

For nature lovers:

Due to the untouched nature in which Klada is situated, as well as its surroundings. In this area, nature is protected by law, because it is a part of the nature park Velebit. In the radius of 100 km there is no industry, which keeps the air clean and the sea water crystal clear. Klada has 3 natural sources of drinking water that comes from the Velebit mountain in whose freshness and clarity enjoy its residents and visitors. Flora and fauna are very expanded. It has a large number of animals of mountain and sea species so often you can enjoy the spectacle of dolphins’ games, gentle walks of deer, running of some rabbit, hiding weasels, eagles flying … The underwater world is also very rich. It is the habitat of starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sponges, corals, edible crabs, white and blue fish, the pen shell shellfish, scallops and other shellfish. Wild herbs spread everywhere enriching the air with their perfume. There is growing sage, lavender, rosemary, immortelle, myrtle … This climate is very well known after elms along stone pines (Pinus pinea), a pine species which grows only in the hot Mediterranean climate. There are also other characteristic of the Kvarner bay such ascypress, oleander and hundered year old agavas.

For people with health problems:

The air cocktail which is a combination of mountain air rich in ozone, sea air enriched with negative ions, and the aroma of wild, medicinal herbs makes ideal conditions for all the people, and natural therapy for: respiratory problems, asthmatics, smokers, hypertensity, allergies, people with dammaged immune system and people who suffer from chronic fatigue.

holistic-yogaFor people under continual stress such as managers, executives and entrepreneurs:

Klada is an ideal getaway where you can be with your inner self , calmed, watered with fresh air, washing away the negative energy with clean sea water, renewing your energy with rich air, enjoying the local delicacies of natural fruits and vegetables and fish just taken out of the sea. You can enjoy the peacefulness , which is disrupted only by a few birds singing or sizzling crickets, which indicates that the day is very warm.
This kind of air cocktail is an ideal natural therapy for asthmatics, smokers, people who suffer from hypertensity, allergics and for people with weakened immune systems.

For yachtsmen:

yachting-croatia-coastCroatian coastline is embellished with about 1185 islands and therefore belongs to the most indented Mediterranean countries of the world. Croatian islands are also the second largest Mediterranean archipelago of which 67 islandsare inhabited. Cres and Krk are the largest islands in the northern Adriatic, while Brač and Hvar are the largest islands of the central Adriatic and of Dalmatia. Rab, one of the jewels of the Adriatic archipelago is located right across Klada, together with Goli otok (which is now a museum island), Prvić, Grgur, Lošinj and Krk. Each island has its own story with its landmarks, history and traditions. Get away from the prying eyes into the hiddenbays and enjoy the adventure which spending time near the sea generously offers you.

For hikers:

hiker-velebit-croatiaFrom the center of the place there are paths leading to highland areas. The proximity of the largest Croatian mountain Velebit offers options of various types of organized hiking, as well as the school of hiking. Some of the attractive peaks to visit are Zavižan 1677m, 1454m Alan, Planinarski dom 1594m, Rassieva kolima1675m… In addition to the obvious benefits for physical health, hikers use the healing power of nature. Besides that,socializing with other hikers returns us to our social dimension of human beings, which in the modern world often remains in the background of our lives.

For children:

generic-child-running-in-the-sea2Since the most popular mean of transport in Klada is the boat, car traffic is reduced to minimum, which makes our bay quiet and very safe for children who are free to play and rattle around. Small, private beach provides an intimate environment in which children are always in the sight of their parents. Exhausted by running around, splashing in the sea, fresh air and natural food, at the end of the day they easily and happily fall asleep, leaving to the parents enough time and space to enjoy the beautiful summer nights of Klada.






Distances :

The town of Senj: 23 km
Market and supermarket: 16 km
Restaurants: 16 km
Fish market: 16 and 23 km
Bus station: 3 km
General Practitioner ( Senj ): 23 km
Airport Krk (island of Krk ): 80 km
Zagreb: 200 km
Vienna: 540 km
München:: 650 km
Trieste: 150 km